Haier Young Maker Finals 2016 & Award Ceremony Launched Successfully

By 小创 on January 04, 2017, 9:57 AM

The Young Maker Finals and Award Ceremony of the “Make Your Youth”· Haier Shandong College Student Pioneering Contest 2016 ended in Haier’s headquarter on September 24th. This Contest oriented to universities and colleges in Shandong Province was hosted by Haier Makers Lab with the leadership and direction of Shandong Communist Youth League (SDYL) and Shandong Students Federation (SDSF). Mr. Zheng Sijie, Director of School Department of SDYL and Secretary General of SDSF, Mr. Wang Yongjian, Vice Chairman of Qingdao Communist Youth League (QDYL), Mr. Cheng Chuanling, Marketing GM of Haier Electrical Appliances Group, and Mr. Liu Changwen, GM of www.ihaier.com, to name only a few, were present.

△A Full House in Warm Atmosphere at Site

△Mr. Cheng Chuanling, Marketing GM of Haier Electrical Appliances Group, addressed.

△Young makers presented at site. Judges provided professional comments and recommendations.

469 pieces of works were submitted to the Young Makers Contest cumulatively since the enrollment in Mid-April till the early September. A total of 8 off-line industrial seminars and 16 preliminary street performances were hosted in 12 universities and colleges in Shandong including UPC, QDU, YTU and UJN, with over 3,000 students and tutors directly involved in subject design, and covering nearly 300,000 faculties and students from universities and colleges. Over 40 judges participated, including Haier’s R&D experts for all product lines, investors and senior media insiders in innovation field. Through strict evaluation and selection, a total of 53 pieces of works were shortlisted in the finals. After keen competition in the finals, a total of 27 programs stood out, including 1 First Prize winner, 2 Second Prize winners, 4 Third Prize winners, 20 Innovation Prize winners and 8 Excellent Tutors.

The undergraduate makers gave full play to their creativity during the contest. Some of their works were fully ascertained by the evaluation team, out of which the Haier codo Hand-held Washing Machine designed by Fan Yizhong’s team from UPC was highly recognized by washing machine industry line and Haier electrical appliance customization platform. This program has preliminarily concluded cooperative incubation intent with Haier customization platform and will progress to R&D soon. A few more programs have applied for national innovation awards through Haier Makers Lab. The sailing boat trainer designed by Yu Weisong’s team from Qingda University won SINOCES Leader Innovation Award in the 5th China International Consumer Electronics Show on June 8th.

As a key step of front-end maker interaction in Haier’s “iHaier” innovation system, Haier Makers Lab creates on-line and off-line interaction mode. On one hand, it provides an interaction platform for social maker groups to innovate, exchange their ideas and practice through makers activities, contests, practices and rehearsals. On the other hand, it will connect Haier’s internal open resource platforms to provide training, service, modular, channels and other resources for external makers and provide professional and normalized service systems for makers. As a key innovation drive for Haier industry, it will also incorporate excellent creative programs into Haier industry directly for incubation and application to achieve mutual benefits for Haier and makers.

The Make Your Youth · Haier Young Maker Contest 2016 ended successfully with excellent faculties and students in universities and colleges. The vast makers and people from all walks left their messages, stating that they would like to have a better understanding of the outstanding pioneering programs and teams in this Contest. Haier Makers Lab has hereby launched #To Pioneers# Make Your Youth Interview# to unveil the stories behind this Make Your Youth Contest! 

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