The 3rd Session of “I Am A Maker” - Show Your Marvelous and Create Excellence

By 小创 on January 04, 2017, 11:21 AM
Haier M-LAB is an open interaction platform shared by all makers. The M-LAB adheres to the value of “trusting any innovative power” and attempts to promote association and interaction of the new generation of makers, gather industrial power, allow makers,

Haier M-LAB is an open interaction platform shared by all makers. The M-LAB adheres to the value of “trusting any innovative power” and attempts to promote association and interaction of the new generation of makers, gather industrial power, allow makers, enterprises, co-working space, venture capital companies, supply chains, web marketing channels and other resources and data in innovative and ecological system to share and dovetail on the platform, support innovative pioneering in all aspects and help the new generation of makers to turn their creativity into reality.

“I am a maker” Profile

“I am a maker” is an innovative pioneering event that is initiated by Haier M-LAB and hosted nationwide and co-hosted by maker labs of universities and colleges in different regions and cities. Up to now, this event has been hosted in 8 provinces and cities in China, aiming to look for the new generation of makers and encourage them to excavate their creativity, carry out R&D enthusiastically, find fun with their fingers and turn various creativity into reality. This event, or this feast, challenges both IQ and hands-on skills of makers. The ambitious makers and pioneering lovers unknown to each other gather and team up freely just to practice their dreams that have ever been burning in their hearts. Every team may present their works created in “I am a maker” event in front of experienced tutors and judges and receive professional and honest judges and feedback, which is the core of this event.

Introduction of “I am a maker” Event

Experiential Value for Makers

1. Practicing what one has learned: One can learn through creative actions. You will not be puzzled by theory in “I am a maker” event. You may set up your own strategy and keep verifying it.

2. Setting up relationship: It will not only bring a lot of fun to you but also attract the best doer among the social groups and spend a weekend in creating companies with practical solutions and scale-up potentials. You will create long-term relationships and might find a new job and even investors.

3. Seeking partnership: Pioneering relies on not only good points but also good teams. “I am a maker” event is a best way for you to find ideal partners and co-start a business.

4. Learning skills. Please walk out of your cozy world and spend a whole weekend on an ocean of creativity. “I am a maker” will provide a perfect new platform and job opportunities and the best chance for you to learn new programming languages or just try something new. 

5. Experiencing pioneering. Most programs in “I am a maker” event will make great progress in a month. Many participants still plan to further work with their team members after this event is over. Perhaps what you harvest is a real pioneering experience!

6. Meeting spiritual leaders. The participants may have a face-to-face dialogue with local technical talents and pioneering leaders. They will be tutors and judges in the event. The most valuable part of the event is that the participants may present the results of their teams in front of excellent entrepreneurs and receive sincere and honest feedback.

On-site Atmosphere

1、Xi`an Jiaotong University(XJTU)

2、Hebei University of Technology

3、North China Electric Power University

4、Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology

5、Qilu University of Technology 

6、Chongqing Normal University 

Now, the introduction of off-line events among universities and colleges is over. 

If you also want to host an “I am a maker” event in your school, then just become a maker lab organizer. 

As the organizer of Haier Makers Lab, we believe that the following qualities are necessary:

1. The ability to organize events, or in other words, you can still host events without our support.

2. The interest in helping your schools or pioneering communities around you.

3. The hope to bring in line with international circles and contact broader maker platforms.

4. The knowledge on Haier M-CLUB and the process to start a business.

5. The interest in helping your schools and classmates or schoolmates to host a remarkable pioneering experience event.

6. After the event is over, the applicants will be listed among the M-LAB organizers and be coded and registered at the official website.

7. If you are ready to become an excellent organizer, then just join us!

Application Requirements:

1. If the applicant is an university or college, it must be listed or be a member of the Young Maker Association (otherwise please apply to become a member of the Young Maker Association first). 

2. The applicant can organize events on behalf of the university or college or school.

3. It is recommended that the applicant is a leader in the students union or any maker society.

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